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As your baby grows they’ll want BPA-free trainer or sippy cups that match their new found confidence. That’s why the Vital Baby® ‘age staged’ cup range is so popular. Each baby feeding cup is packed with unique features that make them easy for your baby to progress from sips and slurps through to drinking without a spout. As you’d expect from this Award Winning range, our BPA free cups for babies and toddlers are packed with innovative features. Our patented 2 in 1 non-spill valve , for example, gently regulates baby’s drinking action so the flow of liquid is always smooth and steady – and without messy leaks and spills. That's not all though - every valve can be removed easily to convert your cup to free flow - the choice is yours! Wow...that was close, we almost forgot to mention our exclusive Flexisafe® soft spouts, grips and handles that are kind and gentle to your baby’s sensitive mouth and tiny hands.

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